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 Bee and Queen Sales 2018
Packages and Nucs

We are sold out of 
New Zealand packages 

We still have a few NUCS left!

This year our nucs will be from an inspected local commercial beekeeper.   They will be ready for pick up starting May 22.  They will contain a new Carniolan queen bee from Kona Island.

The cost of the four frame nuc will be $250 (no tax).  There will be an additional $50 refundable deposit for the wooden nuc travel box.

The nucs arrive to me unscreened so they are able to fly, forage and ventilate while they are here.  I will need 24 hours notice to be able to safely screen them in for travel the night before they are picked up.  To ensure they do not over heat I recommend that you pick them up in the morning, get them home quickly and get them installed in a 10 frame hive
right away.  

The location for pick up is here at my farm:
6328 264 Street, Aldergrove, BC 
(which is Langley Township if you are using GPS)  
We are North of Hwy 1 with a big stump outside the driveway with the house
number and a Dancing Bee Apiary sign on the blvd.

If you are borrowing our supplier's nuc boxes there is a $50 refundable deposit which you will receive back if the boxes are returned here within 2 weeks of pick up.  I would ideally like this to be paid by either cheque or credit card prior to or when you pick up the nuc.
 I would not be cashing the cheques, but holding them for 2 weeks and
shredding them once the box is returned.  I can easily refund the credit
card deposit payments in full if the box comes back within 2 weeks.

Please label your boxes with your name inside (business cards work best if
you have one) so I know who¹s is which (they are all identical) and please
return them to the front of the little blue house off 264 Street, you can park
on the road.  Please return the boxes to either the porch or somewhere else within that fenced in area up front between the little house and the road.  

**Payments for livestock are non-refundable**

Dancing Bee Local QUEENS

This season we will not be selling imported queens, but instead our focus will be on our own local queen rearing program.  We will have our own amazing local ladies available starting in June.  Please contact us to put your name on our list if you are interested in local queens.  

It is your responsibility as a beekeeper and the new owner of these Honey bees to make sure that your queen is alive and within a week, laying eggs. If there is a problem with your queen at anytime within the first 7-10 days I need to know about it immediately.

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