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 Bee and Queen Sales 2018
Packages and Nucs

We are now sold out of New Zealand packages 

We are taking orders for NUCS!

This year our nucs will be from an inspected local commercial beekeeper.   They will be ready for pick up in May.  They will contain a new Carniolan queen bee from Kona Island that will have been laying for at least 2 to 3 weeks.

The cost of the four frame nuc will be $250 (no tax).  There will be an additional $50 refundable deposit for the wooden nuc travel box.

This year we have a very limited amount of nucs available and we are requesting payment in full with your order.  Cheques can be made payable to Dancing Bee Apiary and mailed to 6328 264th St. Aldergrove V4W 1P4.  If you prefer to pay by cash or credit card please call us at 604-341-8929 to arrange for your payment.  We also accept payments via interac email transfers to our email at shelley@dancingbeeapiary.com.

We will updating the website and sending out emails as soon as we have the exact date and time for pick up of our nucs.  Make sure you are on our email list by sending us an email at shelley@dancingbeeapiary.com.

**Payments for livestock are non-refundable**

Dancing Bee Local QUEENS

This season we will not be selling imported queens, but instead our focus will be on our own local queen rearing program.  We will have our own amazing local ladies available starting in June.  Please contact us to put your name on our list if you are interested in local queens.  

It is your responsibility as a beekeeper and the new owner of these Honey bees to make sure that your queen is alive and within a week, laying eggs. If there is a problem with your queen at anytime within the first 7-10 days I need to know about it immediately.

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